Looking for water vending machines?

Water is scarce commodity you cannot do without. Depending on the local water situation making safe and drinkable water from what is available can be expensive and outside the reach of many individuals in society.Buying bottled water of sometimes dubious origin is in most cases the only available option. This is expensive, damaging for the environment and sometimes simply dangerous.

To make good clean locally produced water available to communities, the Aquablu PoE and PoE+ Systems can be equipped with a vending system. The equipment is the property and responsibility of third party, be it a private company, a local or national authority or an NGO. The users of the water pay a small contribution for the system and its upkeep with every litre of water taken from the system.

Payment options for your water vending system

Payment is by means of a cashless electronic system, in which credits can be bought by payments in cash, electronic bank transfers, barter trade or water credits issued by a government or non-government organization.

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Product Point of Entry 100

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The high volume Point of Entry + water purification model

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