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Ultra-clean water for your kitchen

As a chef, I could not wash my hands - nor clean pots, pans, utensils, meats or produce, nor make soups and sauces - if I did not have clean water. Were this to happen, of course, these would be the least of my concerns. Because water is the linchpin of survival: without it, not much else matters. - Marcus Samuelsson

Chefs go to great lengths to create pure and innovative dishes to satisfy their gourmet followers and the guide inspectors alike. Ingredients range from the exotic to the mundane, but pure undiluted quality is the prime requirement. Why take risks with the medium where many of these ingredients are cooked in? With an Aquablu system, ultra-clean water with a natural pleasant taste is available for the kitchen, with the option of fine-tuning the mineral content of the water to create an extra refinement during the cooking process.

Filtered water makes your hot and cold beverages taste better

Both baristas and beverage managers can tell you that clean water with a nice neutral taste is the basis for a good cup of coffee, while for a good cup of tea, in particular with today’s very light tea or leave based infusions, the water quality and taste is possibly even more important.

Not only for hot drinks, the Aquablu system will also provide sterling service in the preparation of cold drinks or table waters. Thanks to the available CO2 , cooling and mineral enhancement options can provide an absolutely safe and low cost alternative for many factory bottled mineral waters, striking an ideal balance between happy customers and a happy finance department.

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The smallest water purification model comes with the Aquablu logo in blue and a faucet

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The high volume Point of Entry + water purification model

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