Safe water of good taste

To overcome any possible risk, yet to avoid “over purification” which results in poor taste of the permeate water as well as unsustainable processing in regard of power and raw water consumption Nano membrane technology offers a safe solution.

Based on the same technical principals as Sea Water Reverse Osmosis though designed for fresh water treatment, Aquablu Nano purification rejects all possible minerals before re-introducing a mix of eight wanted minerals as the last step of the treatment process.

All Aquablu purifiers are equipped with a range of probes and sensors to monitor the water quality in real-time and warns, respectively shuts the system down if best quality can’t be guarantied anymore. Further, these probes and sensors allow for remote monitoring of the systems technical status and enable your crew to provide maintenance once required.
According to your volume requirements Aquablu offers two purification models and cooling/carbonating accessories for your utmost convenience.

General consideration

The usually available water source to be treated to best drinking water onboard your yacht is in general a mixture of RO treated sea water and/or various shore based water sources which bring a wide variety of chemical and pathogenic (bacteria, virus, algae etc) contamination with them.

Once stored in your fresh water tank this source is further subject to pathogenic growth and possible chemical contamination leaking from your piping or tank (Copper, Aluminium, non-food grade plastics etc). Boats navigating through fresh water can consider their cruising area as water source and face similar contamination.