Purified water for healthcare use

Hygiene and clean drinking water are a few of the cornerstones of the improved life expectancy in those parts of the world where effective public services are available. For healthcare applications the purity of normal tap water may be not be enough, therefore additional preparation of the water is required. With an Aquablu purification system, tap water is taken to the next level of purity.

Water is life, and clean water is health

With the removal of even the smallest particles, bacteria, viruses or traces of residues and minerals an almost inert type of water is created. This level of purity provides a clean starting point for medical and scientific research, production and treatment.

Needless to say that for health facilities not blessed with a reliable or functional public water system, an Aquablu system can provide a steady supply of clean and reliable drinking water from any raw water source. The water is not only bacteriologically safe to use, but thanks to its post-treatment mineral enhancement, is also very pleasant to drink.

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The smallest water purification model comes with the Aquablu logo in blue and a faucet

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Product Point of Entry 100

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The high volume Point of Entry + water purification model

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