Safe healthy drinking water from the comfort of your own home

Domestic systems are exactly what the name suggests: convenient and reliable purifying systems for your home. Easy to use, compact and dependable, to provide comfort and safety for you and your family. Aquablu offers two different types of domestic systems, the Point of Use (PoU) and the Point of Entry (PoE) model. The PoU model can be considered as Plug & Play and provides you with drinking water straight from your kitchen tap, whereas the PoE model enables you to provide your whole house with purified water. All models are based on three stages: pre-filtration, purification and post-filtration. Each stage comes in standard configuration but can also be customised according to your raw water quality. Both systems share the same elegant design and smart Aquablu technology, which combines water treatment technology with modern ICT.


  • Plug & Play (PoU)
  • Compact design
  • Quality product from the Netherlands
  • Solar power ready
  • NFC communication
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Self-controlled microprocessor operation
  • Automatic dissolved solid measurement
  • Automatic back flushing
  • Electronic variable maintenance indication
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The smallest water purification model comes with the Aquablu logo in blue and a faucet

Point of Use

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Product Point of Entry 100

Point of Entry

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The high volume Point of Entry + water purification model

Point of Entry +

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