Point of Entry (PoE)

The whole house solution

Our PoE System is the ideal point of entry system for domestic and small office applications. Sharing the same advanced and easy to use technologies as the Point of Use systems, the Point of Entry system is a more extendable system for basement or utility room installation.

Thanks to the availability of storage tanks, intake and pressure boosting systems and extended monitoring options, an unheard level of independence and comfort can be provided with multiple water usage points throughout the house and garden. Cooling, adding CO2 or extra minerals is taken care of at tap level, while filtering, purification and storage.

The Point of Entry model can be used in a variaty of applications

Separate water circuits for purified, filtered or reject water can be provided to make sure the level of cleanliness is in keeping with the intended use. Ultra-safe and tasty where it is needed, clean and safe where required or only semi-clean where this is no problem. Anything from getting a cool, safe and tasty glass of water right from the tap to washing the car or flushing the toilets with semi-clean water, our PoE system has it all.

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