Save money by drinking filtered tap water

How much money can you save with a water purification system?

Disregarding the moderate investment of the most suitable Aquablu model for your requirements your own water purification unit will save yourself substantial expenses. Irrespectively if you are looking for a PoU unit to have one drinking water faucet in your kitchen at home, a professional kitchen in a restaurant or hotel which can offer its own branded drinking water to their guests, patients drinking water supply in a hospital or even a containerised modular scaled up system to provide a whole community the return of investment is on average after two years.

Bottled water comes at up to 2000 times the price of your mains supply, a borehole or rain water harvesting.

Next to saving the environment and handing over a cleaner more sustainable world to your children and grandchildren, you can also save money.

Water purification systems vs bottled water

A large part in the cost in both an economic and environmental sense, of carried or trucked in water lies in the packaging and transport. Then the profit margins and advertising budgets of the big water and soft drink manufacturers must be added, and the cost of bottled water easily exceeds the cost of the water available form an in house filtration/purification system.

With an Aquablu system you can tap into the water available right under your feet or over your head, providing safe and tasty water with minimal effort and at a modest initial investment.

The Tap Water Calculator indicates your savings after the installation of a purifier.

Tap Water Calculator