Convenient water filtration systems

Comfortable from your own home

Supposed bottled water is the only safe alternative to domestic water treatment solutions its inconvenience is inherent! Collecting water at your nearest source is a socially stigmatized inequality in developing countries. In the western world it is just an expensive inconvenience with a horrible environmental impact. Actually twice since the responsible fellow human being is taking considerable efforts in recycling, respectively downcycling of the plastic. Storing any amount of bottles is a waste of space and the aesthetic appeal as well as the performance when drunk directly from it is rather questionable. Using a service provider to have monthly, weekly or daily deliveries of water is not a smart solution.

Benefits water purification systems

Aquablu Solutions brings the spring into your home or business. Your domestic purification systems provides you with:

  • The best water quality
  • An economical price
  • Minimal effort
  • Minimal carbon footprint.

Apart from the health risks to drinking bottled water and the impact of plastic water bottles on our environment (see Pollution), why bother buying and storing bottled water, when you can have the best quality water straight from your home tap?

* Being bottled is by no means a sign of quality for drinking water. Apart from very few tapped natural springs which come with a high price and a major carbon footprint the source of bottled water is in general the same as your municipal mains connection with varying treatment. Quite the contrary commonly used PET bottles are reportedly releasing bisphenol A, a poisonous chemical.

Helpfull links concerning the harmful effects of plastic bottles