Aquablu and you

Why do you need clean drinking water?

It is obvious that sufficient hydration is key to health, energy and happiness.

Access to healthy, safe water is a basic right to all living beings. Many public and private water supply institutions take great efforts to provide safe drinking water. Guidelines and regulations are in place though due to inherent problems of water mains very few places in our world achieve the set standards. Mexico city for example, a metropolis of over 20 million citizens literally sinks several centimeters per year due to tapping 60.000 liters per second from aquifers directly underneath the city. Similar issues can be recognised in any populated area. Maintenance on these existing mains is a very unpopular subject for decission makers and building new structures in developing countries are mega projects over decades, prone for corruption. Progressing obsolescence of all exiting mains and ever growing demand is a global challenge.

Natural or men made chemical pollutants and volatile organic matter are one issue. Biological contamination, commonly battled against by chlorination which in return produces poisonous, so called disinfection by products DBPs are the second problematic. It is a responsible decission to make safe water supply your very own concern.

Benefits water filtration systems Aquablu

Aquablu offers a sustainable all-round solution! Quality water from any raw water source, great taste, economical benificial, convenient, low maintenance and nearly zero carbon footprint.