Safe drinking water solutions

Aquablu is an initiative of the Dutch Stokvis group to provide safe and reliable water in a sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly way. Our "state of the art" purification systems have their routes in industrial, respectively agricultural water treatment systems, which have been further developed for various applications. By 2011 the first systems produced by the Stokvis group have been implemented in PPP projects in developing countries in collaboration with Wageningen University. These projects aimed at scientific proof of feasibility by technical as well as economical means. During these projects in third world countries, the lack of safe drinking water solutions became obvious at first hand. While decentralized purification systems are a bare necessity in developing countries due to the lack of infrastructure, its practicability in the western world is commonly underestimated. The misconception that bottled water is a safe source for drinking water is slowly surfacing out of its multi-billion $ marketing efforts and people are starting to embrace sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Innovative purification systems

In 2016 Aquablu launched its first smart controlled domestic unit, the Point of Use (PoU) model. In 2017 the Point of Entry (PoE)and the PoE+ System, scaled up versions followed. These innovative solutions provide best water quality and allow direct and remote monitoring of the permeates quality and the technical status of the unit. The design particularly avoids over purification, un-proportional loss of reject water, high power consumption and unnecessary maintenance schedules.

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) contact allows you to connect with our aforementioned water purification systems. NFC tags are basically little memory cards, which hold a small amount of data. You will be able to communicate 96 parameters to the Aquablu website and it can be supervised by yourself, the nearest Aquablu dealer, or the Aquablu headquarters in The Netherlands. Most last generations smartphones have NFC connectivity and can be used to track water purification.

Aquablu's product line reaches from 50 Liters per hour up to 15.000 L/h. While the PoU is a plug and play version designed to fit underneath any sink or into any small cupboard, the PoE/PoE+series can be modular scaled up to provide your demanded quantities.

Aquablu offers solutions for any conceivable form of water consumption. Our website aims to guide you to the most useful system for your particular needs and leads you to the closest trained and certified Aquablu dealer. If you should live somewhere where there is no Aquablu dealer yet please do not hesitate to contact us directly.