Water purification systems

Aquablu stands for sustainable water treatment technology combined with ICT. All models are based on three stages, pre-filtration, purification and post-filtration. Aquablu offers standard configurations though all models can also be customised according to raw water quality and application type. This allows for a most sustainable setup considering rejected water, power consumption and maintenance efforts.

Innovative purification solutions

All systems are equipped with smart controllers which monitor various operation values and communicate via your NFC- smartphone with our website. Using the systems serial ID as a login code enables you to monitor in real time the quality of your water, the systems status and maintenance needs.

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The smallest water purification model comes with the Aquablu logo in blue and a faucet

Point of Use

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Product Point of Entry 100

Point of Entry

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The high volume Point of Entry + water purification model

Point of Entry +

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